Official RRD Test Center
VDWS International School

SaltyWind is a VDWS INTERNATIONAL school and provides professional teaching with passion, nature and sport in mind.

Learning how to windsurf has never been so fast and easy thanks to our superlight RRD equipment.

Salty Wind is an Official RRD Test Center.

Courses are every day of the week and start from 4/5 years old until any age...
We teach windsurfing to beginners, intermediate, advanced and freestyle.

Beginners courses include the use of all the equipment (board, sail, wetsuit, lifejacket and boat assistance).
After the 5th lesson clients may ask for final exam and VDWS licence.

Equipment is available for rent and you can deposit your equipment too.

For more information contact us or visit our Reception on the beach.


KIDS (4 - 7 years): 4 lessons of 30 minutes. Learn and play!! Everything a small surfer should learn: a game of balance and sailing with light materials, all under the experts eyes of our instructors.

BEGINNERS 1° LEVEL (P1): basic concepts and balance. Target: sailing indipendence. (Single lesson of 1 hour)

BEGINNERS 2° LEVEL (P2): advanced manouvres, fast tack and jibe, harness and legs techniques.

BEGINNERS 3° LEVEL (P3): learning advanced, footstraps, beach start. Target: the glide!

INTENSIVE: full windsurf tuitional holiday. (7 lessons of 1 hour)

FUNBOARD: moving on water start, gliding positions, jibes and tack on small boards, trim and fine tuning.

FREESTYLE: from "old school" on the big board until extreme moves like vulkan, spock and forward

WAVE: travelling on the best Sardinian North Shore wave spots. Our professional instructors will lead you to enjoy your first wave experience!! (Wind more than 30 knots and wave available)

PURE SURF: basic concepts and first surf experience in small waves. Course will take place in Rena Majori or Monti Russo with professional instructor. (All the course is depending by the waves size)

Private Lessons